Robert E. Thomson
Of Councel for Estate Planning Nearhood Law Office

"Bob, Darlene and I can’t begin to tell you how very, very pleased we are with everything you do for us and are relieved that you will continue to handle our affairs."
Mike & Darlene J.
Robert E. Thomson Robert E. Thomson focuses exclusively on developing and implementing personalized strategies for non-probate estate distribution, estate tax reduction and retirement distribution planning for diverse and sophisticated individuals, professionals and business owners.

Thomson has been practicing law for more than 35 years and has become a full-time Of Counsel to the Nearhood Law Office exclusively for Estate Planning. His team approach to estate planning has resulted in more than 150 financial and accounting professional referrals.

The Nearhood Law Office has other Estate Planning attorneys providing Mr. Thomson with additional support in his practice area, particularly with Estate and Trust Administration and Probate.
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The following comments by Thomson touch on some of his more unusual cases as well as the best way to leave money to one's heirs.

Onsite-Signings and "Overnight" Service

“Sometimes extraordinary circumstances, such as grievous health conditions, require unusual efforts.  This is why I’m available for house calls as well as visits to hospitals and nursing homes. Other examples of unusual requests might involve someone who needs to make estate provisions before leaving immediately for an international trip. This can be handled with stop-gap measures such as an oral trust.”

Protecting Heirs and Assets with a Dynasty Trust

Robert Thomson   “Commonly referred to as a ‘Legacy Trust’, the Dynasty Trust offers both benefits provided by both Arizona and Federal law such as divorce protection, creditor protection and reduction in estate taxes for beneficiaries.  Dynasty Trust assets are judgment proof, even as far as being exempt from bankruptcy and I.R.S. attachment.”

Dynasty Trust assets are judgment proof, even as far as being exempt from law suit judgements, bankruptcy and I.R.S. attachment.

Estate Planning Expertise Recommended by Finance Professionals

Having prepared more than 2,000 estates plans in Arizona since 1996, Thomson’s services are recommended by professionals from virtually all major financial institutions as well as numerous accountants, certified financial planners and certified life underwriters.

A member of the Probate and Trust Law Section of the State Bar of Arizona, Robert E. Thomson is responsible for all aspects of estate planning and wealth preservation, including, but not limited to, non-probate estate distribution, estate tax reduction and retirement distribution planning. He has numerous community responsibilities as President of the Fountain Hills Senior Citizen Foundation.


Barbara Santopadre Barbara Santopadre,
Assistant to Robert E. Thomson

An integral member of the law firm since its inception more than 30 years ago, Barbara has numerous important responsibilities scheduling appointments, recording documents and helping clients put their assets in their trusts.

“If a client has a question, I will make sure Mr. Thomson gets them a prompt answer,” stresses Santopadre.

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